Hypnosis Explained
"Allow yourself to wonder as you begin to wander, on a wonderful journey"

Taking the language of the mind on a deeper level, facilitating change of deepest habits or beliefs in a comfortable and relaxed state.

Hypnosis and the induction of Hypnotic states is something which you will have experiences today already so many times and often without evening knowing or thinking about it...
For instance, if you are a car driver, or a passenger and you are making a journey which you have done so many times before, perhaps to work or the supermarket, and you arrive at your destination without being able to remember the whole journey, if you were the driver you didn't have your eyes closed, and your mind had at the same time wandered off to another place or experience, perhaps thinking about what you had to do, or wanted to buy... this is a state of altered awareness... "Hypnosis"
The mind and body:
Human beings we are very fortunate to understand how our mind and body is connected, how the movement in the body can affect our mind and visa versa, before we continue into Hypnosis, I wanted to take a little of your time to talk about what Hypnosis is, what some of the language and terms mean, what Hypnosis feels like, and most importantly aim to answer your questions.
The human mind is separated into 3 key areas, at this precise moment you are using your conscious mind, this is your reasoning, thinking and analysing mind it is based in the here and now and processing what is happening, at the same time you have running your sub conscious and unconscious minds.
Sub-conscious; this is your data bank, it is where all of your thoughts, memories, emotions, habits, beliefs and everything which you have learned from birth until today is stored, it is listening, hearing, processing and storing everything this is happening in your life, past, present and future.
Un-conscious; this is the mind of your body, your autonomic system, it is running your bodily movements and functions, digesting your breakfast, lunch and dinner pumping your blood around your body and working to fight off infections.
Operating between the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind is what we call the "critical factor" this is the part of you which is comparing what is happening now, to what has happened in the past, it is deciding what to allow into the data bank, what to store and accept and allow, and what to reject, imagine setting a new years resolution, you think about it, it makes sense and you decide to try to make the change, this is all very conscious and you are using will power to make it happen, and in many cases most new years resolutions last no longer than the end of January in that same year....so what happened, you were successful in holding the change in your conscious mind with the "critical factor" refusing to allow the change to be stored, and when your attention moved focus this change reverted back to the original behaviour...
Hypnosis terms:
'Sleep' : When you hear the word 'sleep' in hypnosis, it means to close your eyes, and relax as if you are pretending to be asleep, when we are working together, you will not be asleep, Hypnosis is actually a state of hightened suggestability, perhaps best described as "The Acceptable bypass of the Critical Factor, allowing acceptable accepted suggestions directly into the sub-conscious, emotional part of the mind"
'Deeper' : When you hear the term 'deeper' being used in the Hypnosis session, this is used to allow you to relax more, allowing yourself to become more suggestable, and more willing to make the changes which you want to make in your focus area.
Who can be Hypnotised:
Almost anyone of normal mental function can be 'Hypnotised' if you want to be, yes this is correct, it is your choice, and in truth, all Hypnosis is "Self Hypnosis", when you work with your Hypnotherapist they are guiding you towards making the changes that you have chosen
During the process of Hypnosis it is likely that you will remember everything that you have worked on, and discussed, you will NOT be asleep, and most importantly Hypnosis is completely safe, as i mentioned before, everyday you have entered Hypnosis many many times, and definatley at least twice, first in the morning as you are waking up from sleep, and then again in the evening as you enter sleep. This is then not to mention too all of the times where you have been extremely focused and attentative and not noticed what has been happening around you, remember that time you noticed a bruise or a cut and wondered where it came from.... at the time is happened, you were in a profound state of alterted awareness "Hypnosis"
5 Path Hypnotherapy:
Entering into Hypnotic states is as common as waking up in the morning, something which you do everyday and are so skilled at doing that it happens without thinking or thought.
Who uses Hypnosis on a regular basis, you will be surprised that most of the top performers and athletes at the top of their game use Hypnosis, alighning their unconscious mind and the filters/patterns which are running to support them to stay ahead and at their peek of performance.
Working 1:1 with your Hypnotherapist you can create/change habits and embed them at an sub conscious level, or if you have identified a habit which you want to change or something which is holding you back Hypnosis will support you in making this change.
We will be willing to discuss with you your specific requirements or questions...
When you work with an experienced Hypnotherapist, we will be working with you towards your chosen goal in life, we will explore where you are today, what has been some of the contributing factors from the past and most importantly where you want to get to; each of our 1:1 sessions will be created specifically to work on the areas which are being addressed.
We follow the proven 5 Stage Hypno-therapy sessions which were create by Cal Banyan in the USA, with a strutured path towards your success, we are certified with the National Guild of Hypnotherapist the largest and oldest organisation for Certified Hypnotherapist today.




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