Achievement and Success Coaching

"Take action today, to create the future you choose!!!"

What is coaching, what's it all about?

Coaching is a process of improvement, its forward focused, on where you want to get to, asking yourself what is important to me, connecting with yourself and deciding what's next.
As Timothy Galloway has written in the book "The Inner Game of Tennis" coaching maybe outlined with the formula,
"Potential minus interference equals performance."
Life Coaches, Sports Coaches, Executive Coaches there are coaches specialising in almost every field of life, working with clients to specific challenges, obstacles or goals and outcomes in life.
At 5E Achievement Specialists we have decided that our core focus will be with health and lifestyle, and as we know that career plays a big part of our adult working life we have added this in to complete our core.
When you work with us what can you expect to be doing, firstly we will start by Exploring and  Investigate what is important to you, we will look at where you are currently, what you're doing, what you're focused on or working towards. 
We will Embrace this understanding as we begin to consider your Aims, what do you want to be achieving, what are the big goals you have, your passion and purpose for working with me as your coach.
Empower your choice and freedom as you begin to identify the number of possibilities you have today, what might be the resouces which will support your goals and focus area.
When is the target to achieve this outcome, lets shine some light on the target as we Enlighten/Evoke progress as we look for clarity on your finish line; how will you know that you have achieved your success?
  • What will be the evidence and who will be there with you?
  • Where will you be? What will you see, or hear, perhaps some of the feelings

As your Energized towards your Achievement and Successes. 


Your Action Area:

If you wanted to improve your tennis, or your golf game who would you go and see? If you wanted to improve your singing or your dancing who would you talk to? If you wanted to improve or make changes in your fitness or relationships who would you approach?
Perhaps your answers will have been similar to these below:
  • Tennis Coach
  • Golf Coach
  • Singing Coach
  • Dancing Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Relationship Coach
Have you noticed what they all have in common?
An area in life which you want to make improvement, and in each case the resources which facilitate the change is through Coaching...
So who do you see if you want to talk about making changes in your life now?
Perhaps a 'Life Coach?" or what about an "an Achievement & Success Coach?" If you find yourself wanting to know more, please contact us and we will be pleased to work with you
Remember we cannot change anyone else, we can only change ourselves, and when we change, its surprising how much those around us also begin to change too....
We are certified and registered ACMC Meta Coaches, and work within the strict guidelines set out in the Meta Coaching Foundation and the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, these are closely aligned to the ICF
MCF Code of Ethics and Conflict Resolution
Adapted from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Overall Vision:

As coaches, we believe in the dignity and integrity of every human being and we are committed to eliciting the inherent resourcefulness of every client.  Through an interactive process, we aim for the development of strategies and solutions that the client designs and moves toward.  As coaches we are respectful and protective of each client's vulnerability and constructively hold the client to a high standard of responsibility and accountability.  As coaches we work to be objective and competent in our practices.

Coaching Relationship and Contract:

Every coaching relationship begins with the articulation of the terms of the coaching- client relationship in a clear, written communication or agreement.   This will include the nature of the services, limitations, boundaries, the coach's perspectives, a statement of the client's rights, terms of the contract, times, frequency, methods of communication, and fee schedule.
We offer a free 20min consultation for all coaching packages, and would love to hear from you, please contact me using the email below.
Or alternatively via telephone
(+60) 014 319 8218
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